Unique Layout From 3D Cape Assists Design Indaba to Raise The Bar

01 June, 2015


A never-seen-in-SA-before floor plan developed by 3D Cape for Design Indaba 2015 helped the world-class exhibition raise the bar this year.

The layout, which had a triangular footprint as opposed to the run-of-the-mill 90° grid, lent the exhibition a ‘designed’ look and opened up the space to enhance both exhibitor and visitor experience.

SA Wools’ Dalena White, for example, said: “Best expo in look-and-feel to date. Wider aisles made it more upmarket in appearance.”

3D Cape was awarded the prestigious three-year contract for the full infrastructure set up for Design Indaba late last year. The turn-key service provided by the 3D Group company included, among others, overall design of the space as well as way-finding and signage; design and construction of custom stands; provision of the shell scheme as well as free-standing podiums and special areas like the First Editions and Spotlight zones; and all the extra services that exhibitors require such as carpeting, electrics and flowers.

Design Indaba 2015 covered a total of 7050m2 and featured some 280 power points and 150 distribution boards. It attracted 613 exhibitors (280 took the shell scheme – the others custom stands), 674 buyers and over 50 000 visitors.

During the two-day build, 3D Cape’s 70-man strong production team worked with 8 electrical teams to bring the expo to life; all were praised for their professionalism and friendly manner.

“Efficient and friendly in our dealings with us pre-show, at our desk and with our floor staff,” said Leg Studios; “Super friendly and very helpful,” added Party Bunch & Co; and “They were very professional and friendly,” concluded Xplore Designs.

In addition to introducing a new layout, 3D Cape also suggested Design Indaba relook the eventing area. This worked in conjunction with the food areas – Design Indaba brought back the food truck concept which proved very successful – to ramp up the excitement and energy within the exhibition hall.

3D Cape is a major supplier to the exhibition industry in the Western Cape and one which has quadrupled in size in just four years.

“We are exceptionally pleased with how well our first outing partnering Design Indaba went,” said 3D Cape director, Andrew Keymer.

“Obviously, we faced several challenges, most importantly the need to freshen up the expo as well as deliver a big budget feel without necessarily having the deep pockets to dip into.

“Our solution was to take a ‘design’ approach, to incorporate focal points into the floor plan so that these could be designed as opposed to just ‘being’. It worked really well.”

Added 3D Cape Key Account Manager, Marc Bennett: “I believe we came out tops for Design Indaba because we view ourselves as partnering with our client exhibition organisers, not simply as a supplier of services.

“We pride ourselves on knowing what our clients’ business challenges are, and working with them to develop cost-effective and impactful solutions. For us, succeeding is a team sport.

“Judging from the rave reviews the Design Indaba team received during and after the 2015 outing, it is the way to do it,” he said.

This is endorsed by Design Indaba Expo Manager, Kim Seeliger: “It was a pleasure to work with 3D Cape – they are a dedicated, friendly and hard-working team.”