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04 May, 2017

HOTT3D, the exhibition focused, marketing company based in Cape Town, is pleased to provide a company update. HOTT3D has had an extremely busy start to the year, that has seen a new brand ID and website launched, a visit to Euroshop and an interview on CapeTalk.

The company is firmly in its 11th year and the decision was made to take the HOTT3D brand ID to the next level, so as to see it though the next 10 years and beyond.

The entire brand re-design was done in-house. This gave the design team a chance to flex their design acumen on a project other than their exceptional exhibition designs.

The company feels that the new design is a natural and progressive step in its evolution. It also positions the brand as the leader in the design & production of exhibition stands and temporary architecture.

HOTT3D also sent a team to attend Euroshop 2017 in Dusseldorf in March. The team spent their time investigating design trends, digital trends and making new contacts within the industry.

The team gained valuable insights into the future of the exhibition industry and will be using this knowledge to ensure their clients are at the forefront of any exhibition and marketing event.

Liam Beattie, Managing Director of HOTT3D was also on the Business Accelerator radio show on CapeTalk with Pavlo Phitides. The two discussed the industry, innovation and growth. You can listen the the interview here:

The company has also launched retail shop fitting and office interior design services to its capabilities, with HOTT3D's first fully fledged office interior design project having been signed off and now entering production

The company has also launched its SHLL+ shellscheme offering, targeting small to medium sized shows. HOTT3D felt there was room in the market for a more up-market alternative to the stock standard shellscheme (dreary) options offered by the industry.

HOTT3D would again like to thank all clients, staff and suppliers that have helped us reach our tenth anniversary. We aim to continue to provide the same exceptional design and service for the next 10 years and beyond.

SHLL+ shellscheme

HOTT3D New Logo Reveal

HOTT3D New Brand ID