3D Cape wins ‘Exhibitor of the Year’ for Philip Morris

29 November, 2016


3D Cape, one of the Mother City’s leading turnkey exhibitions and experiential solutions providers, recently delivered an Exhibitor of the Year stand for Philip Morris International’s South African operation at Ignite, a trade show for FMCG suppliers targeting the owners of Sasol garage and forecourt franchises.

Philip Morris International is an American global cigarette and tobacco company, with products sold in over 200 countries and around 15.6% of the global (outside of the USA) market. The most recognised and best selling product of the company is Marlboro.

After it tasked 3D Cape Town to design its exhibition for Ignite, 3D Cape’s Lauren Marcus (designer) and Warwick Gray (key account manager) developed an experiential and immersive experience which so impressed the organisers, they awarded the tobacco company their ‘Exhibitor of the Year’ award.