3D Cape builds mobile exhibition truck for Omo

31 August, 2016


3D Cape, a member of the 3D group of companies specialising in turnkey solutions for exhibitions organisers, exhibitors and event co-ordinators, was challenged recently to create a mobile exhibition truck for one of South Africa’s favourite detergent brands, Omo.

The vehicle would be utilised by Omo on a five-month long tour of South Africa to demonstrate the product at work, and run competitions and incentives for those who came to participate in the experience. Part of the requirement was for demo tables and three Wii-style screens on which people ‘punch’ a guy wearing a stained short; as each punch ‘lands’, the stain is progressively removed from the shirt.

Despite having very little experience in this area, the 3D Cape team tackled the task with great enthusiasm, and wasn’t even perturbed when it was decided to buy a cab, axle and base and construct the box from scratch with doors that opened on either side using manual hydraulics.

Even a prejudicial change in the ‘dry run’ date couldn’t defeat the team. Situation ‘all hands on deck’ was called and the truck delivered on time.