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How to join

EXSA has many categories of membership open to the industry and the participants therein. The importance of these categories and the need for separation are due to the many different parameters pertaining to each one and for ease of reference for potential clients to recognise the services and products on offer by members. The various forums within EXSA foster communication in the categories, and with the other categories.

The exhibition process is a vast collaboration between the venue, organiser, designers, stand builders, service companies, exhibitors and visitors. EXSA fosters communication and a healthy rapport between all members to ensure the continued growth and quality of the exhibition market.

Download the application form and once completed email to

Please note the following:

  1. Your application will be circulated via e-mail to the current Board members of EXSA for consideration - Should no objections be received the EXSA office will be in contact with you to action your application further.
  2. There is an annual membership fee.
  3. On acceptance, your company will be issued with a Membership Certificate.
  4. If membership commences within the year, pro-rata fees will be charged for the remainder of the year.